We agree that we are part of a non-profit organization, recognized by the state of Ohio and possess a 501c3 tax except number.

We agree that we are serving a community that is impoverished or in need,  and with the resources that we receive from EnPuzzlement Inc, we are using to encourage our community.

We recognize that our monetary transactions towards the products that we receive, goes towards the transportation and housing cost of the resources.

We are committed to giving away all the resources that we receive from EnPuzzlement Inc. free of charge.

We agree that our organization will receive no financial gain from the resources that we receive from Enpuzzlement Inc.

We recognize that there is a difference between sell-by date and expiration date on donated items. EnPuzzlement Inc. does not receive, or deal in, expired items.  We do however receive at date or past a sell by date items. We recognize that the for-profit world often donates to the non-profit world because of sell-by dates.