Our Board Members

Our board members work together and collaborate on all Enpuzzlement decisions. Our team wouldn’t be complete without our crucial volunteers. Members can see all participators on the members page.

Our Story

Before Enpuzzlement

A core base of people were learning how to serve others, learning lessons of humility, establishing integrity, and learning how to love others as well! This grass roots organization was working with those in poverty and served together. The organization became a huge success and grew exponentially in the number of people we served.

Year 2006

The Siesta

During this time of success and growth, a group of 6 of us were feeling pulled toward a completely new direction with less bureaucracy. A foundation was being built within us to be more creative in how we served others. We all came to the decision to step away from the project we started, at the height of it success, and take a year off to regroup. 

Year 2009

Back At It

Within a few months of stepping back, we were being contacted by donors ready with supplies, financial backing and commitments to help the local community.  A volunteer offered us their 501c3 status to make our adventure legal.

We were given the freedom and supplies to serve the way we always wanted. Taking all that we had learned over the past 3 years, we melded into the new group called “EnPuzzlement.”

Mid 2009

The Foundation

During 2010, we spend time to slowly build a foundation. We sought to answer the questions, “What do we want to accomplish?” “What are the steps to reach our goal?” and “How do we offer this to others?” Our only available space was the garage area of one of our families. This became our first warehouse space and service center.


Garage Band Era

We spent 2 years working out of the garage. What started out as 6 pallets of food in the garage, turned into 25 plus, and we were out of room to grow. At this point, we took our first leap of faith to look in investing into a larger space.

Nov 09, 2017

AREA 51 Era

Though friendships and conversations we were offered some warehouse space, in the back of a reception hall out on Route 51. We moved into a 2500 sqft space in December, 2011.

Most of 2012 was invested in creating the next layer of our organization, building trust, empowering individuals, and showing others the value of all donations, with the people we were working with on a daily bases. New connections were being made every month, and our vision of creating a Centralized Serving Center for NW Ohio started to take form.

Year 2012

Exit Mother Ship, Welcome Home

By November 2012 we found ourselves at the next great tipping point. In a short 11 months, we we being pushed to capacity and out of room again.

A decision had to be made- either stay where we are and keep doing what we were doing at the level we were at, or take an enormous leap of faith and embrace the possibilities of something more…

The day after Thanksgiving 2012 we moved everything from the old space to our new, almost, 10,000 sqft space. Complete with shopping space, disaster relief space, office space, and project work area space. The doors were now open to live into our potential.

Nov 2012

Our Story Doesn’t End There!


EnPuzzlement can be likened to a “Sandbox!” It is a place to come together with friends and family, to create, dream and become fulfilled as people. Humanity was created to invest in something bigger than ourselves.The reward for serving is the creation of relationships. All of our resources allow us to build relationships – from volunteer to recipients, volunteer to volunteer, group to group, recipient to volunteer.

Our resources are given to us, to perform the task together. We now have a space, set apart, to be together and make genuine use of our time.Humanity is intelligent and creative. We have the ability to be problem solvers and look for value in all people, ideas and items that arrive with us. It is a challenge every month to make the connection between the resource and the need. We just have to work together to create and connect.It will always come back to the individual! What is your passion? Why do you want to give? Who do you want to connect with and reach out too?

The goal of our charity is to help people pour into their passion and help them reach their own goals to change the world!

We are not here to compete with any program that already exists in Toledo. We are another option for people to use, as a resource while serving others. From 25,000 lbs to 1,000,000 lbs, we have no limit on availability and access to excess. In the past we have received calls to handle 100,000 pounds of potatoes, apples, bread and squash. We want to include anyone into our network of people that can find homes for these resources, be good stewards, and not waste what we have been given.

Our Name is unique, En- To Cause, Puzzle – to exercise one’s mind, ment- to achieve a result

Now it’s your turn…