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Our Mission


Challenge Minds

Our goal is to overcome our own obstacles in life by help other overcome their own. Finding the time and resources to lift others up is our challenge. Making mental changes to the ideas of what service and charity can mean in our communities.


Work as a Community

We are a family run organization. Communication and collaboration makes what we do possible. With each interaction we are building strength and possitivity.


Help the Less Fortunate

There comes a time when everyone goes under tough times or needs some support. We have been blessed with the good fortune of time and resources to help.

Mission Statement:

Striving to eliminate poverty by giving others the ability to participate in community 

First visit was today and I didn't know what to expect. Wow! What an opportunity for nonprofits. They offer great savings on many many many products both perishable and non-perishable. A big thank you for making it easier for our little church to serve our community. Thank you, to this family-run nonprofit for your generosity.

Linda DeNeve

Google Review

What a great organization? If you do charitible work this might be an excellent resource for you.

Michael Melnyk

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4400 Moline Martin Rd.
Millbury, Ohio 43447